Crossability Platform

Proventus Technologies Crossability Platform is industry’s leading product and system interoperability engine that is driven by standards and in-depth specification analysis. Powering a suite of merchant-centric applications, Crossability platform features flexible integration options, and provides compatibility matching for a wide range of specifications-driven applications.


UpgradeConsultant™ Memory Configurator is a powerful, flexible, up-to-date Memory Selector tool with global device coverage that seamlessly integrates into most E-Commerce environments.
Widely used and featured by leading online merchants specializing in computer and flash memory resale, UpgradeConsultant™ Memory Configurator is instrumental in helping consumers make quick, accurate, and confident purchasing decisions.


SystemMatch can display lists of computer systems and digital electronics that are compatible with the memory product currently being viewed.
In Pre-sales, SystemMatch enables merchants to use the compatible system information to reinforce the shopper’s purchasing descision and ensure that a compatible part is being purchased, therefore effectively helping prevent incompatibility returns.


Creating static system-specific virtual product pages with ProductBuilder is the newest and most successful product marketing and SEO strategy that is being implemented by leading specialty merchants. Having available most popular standardized memory types can enable a merchant to carry a full inventory of thousands of Manufacturer and Model-specific products.

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