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Crossability Platform Overview

Proventus Technologies Crossability Platform is industry’s leading product and system interoperability engine that is driven by standards and in-depth specification analysis. Powering a suite of merchant-centric applications, Crossability platform features flexible integration options, and provides compatibility matching for a wide range of specifications-driven applications.

Crossability solutions is the proven choice of market leaders

Chosen by market leaders in e-commerce applications, Crossability solutions are helping merchants achieve highest returns on their investments. Crossability Suite is a single subscription solution that provides merchants with a full suite of Crossability-based products and features.
Combining the available services helps consolidate the product integration process and eases the product management process through centralization of all compatibiliy-centric services

  • Available as a hosted and stand-alone solution
  • Variety of industry-standard integration options
  • Customizable for most standards-driven industries
  • Specifications-Based, 100% Vendor Neutral
  • Includes full access to UpgradeConsultant, UpgradeMatch, ProductBuilder, ProductFinder, SystemMatch, and UpgradeMatch