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Developing and nurturing lasting relationships with customers are hallmarks of a successful sales strategy, which leads to the business’ sucess and longevity. While staying afloat within the sea of competition is fairly attainable, getting ahead requires tools that specialize in addressing the most common barriers to profitability: Poor conversion rates, high pre- and post-sale support requirements, as well as high incompatibility return rates.

Crossability Solutions for Resellers

Increase Profits and Revenues, Reduce Support Costs and Substantially Lower Incompatibility Returns – Crossability Solutions for Resellers are designed to integrate into existing Shopping Cart and eCommerce Applications and provides all the benefits of customer self-help that include an increase in profits and revenues, along with a reduction in support costs and a reduction in site abandonment.

  • Help shoppers make confident purchasing descisions by displaying items from your inventory that are compatible with their existing hardware. UpgradeConsultant automatically determines compatibility between available products and current hardware to help ensure that your clients buy the right upgrade the first time, every time.
  • Give your clients the ability to quickly and effectively find and purchase the desired product through standards-based product selector. Extremely effective for merchants with medium to large product lines, ProductFinder allows shoppers to quickly locate the desired parts without sorting through tens or hundreds of products typically found through search or poorly-organized product hierarchy.
  • Revive sales with virtual custom products, a revolutionary approach to product marketing. Through a custom implementation of ProductBuilder, your clients can shop for and buy standard components marketed as uniquely tailored for their existing hardware. Automating the process, you can offer tens of thousands of custom virtual products while only managing a few hundred.