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Creativity and differentiation is key in promoting your products. Through branded UpgradeConsultant™ implementations, retailers and distributors can now feature your products as recommended upgrade solutions for their customers’ computer systems and digital electronics.

Crossability solutions for Manufacturers

Differentiating your product in a sea of product manufacturers is a task that requires tools to power creative marketing approaches. The crossability suite of solutions for the manufacturer can help differentiate your product and make you the brand of choice through a variety of compatibility-centric and branding options.

  • Help shoppers find compatible components for their computer systems and digital electronics by featuring our UpgradeConsultant™ Configurator on your site.
  • Allow your Retail Channels to automatically recommend your products as compatible upgrade solutions through our Branded UpgradeConsultant™ Memory Configurator option.
  • Become a preferred provider through increase in sales and reduction in compatibility issues.
  • Customize the configurator with the desired look and feel through true integration flexibility.